CAPDE researchers participate in the Mathematical Congress of the Americas held in Canada

During this meeting, which internationally highlights the excellence of mathematical achievement in the Americas, Manuel del Pino delivered the only plenary lecture on partial differential equations. From July 24 to 28 in Montreal, about two thousand

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Manuel del Pino presents a motivational talk at Escuela Villa Santa Elena in El Bosque

The National Exact Sciences Awarded and member of CAPDE, met with students inseventh and eighth grade, who were surprised by the extent of mathematics. An interesting invitation, as part of the celebration of the

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Members of CAPDE organize the congress “Variational Models of Soft Matter”

In the event, of interdisciplinary nature, 26 researchers participated, among them: biologists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians and chemists of polymers. The Faculty of Mathematics of the Pontifical Catholic University hosted the conference "VARIATIONAL MODELS OF SOFT

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CAPDE Researcher gives a motivational talk to students of Solidarity College Prep Pedro Aguirre Cerda

mathematician and National Exact Sciences Award 2013, Manuel del Pino Manresa, spoke of his beginnings in the Instituto Nacional and exposed the community his way of understanding mathematics.The On Saturday, March 25, at the Casa

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CAPDE researchers participated in Chile-China Congress in Partial Differential Equations

The work of the Center for Nonlinear Analysis & Partial Differential Equations (CAPDE) with universities in the Asian country, enhances the quality of research in mathematics in Chile. Since Wuhan University first hosted the Chile-China

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More than 500 young people saw the play “Primos entre Sí” of mathematical popularization

During 2016, the Millennium Nucleus "Center for the Analysis of Equations in Partial Derivatives" (CAPDE), led the exhibition of this work to 4 locations in the Region of Valparaiso. During the month of October, elementary

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