Mónica Musso joins the Chilean Academy of Science

“Science is a real possibility to any woman who’s interested in it” Mónica Musso,  a researcher at Millennium Nucleus for the Analysis of Partial Differential Equations CAPDE, pointed out during the ceremony that took place on july 20 2016 celebrating her incorporation to the Chilean Academy of Science, which would make Musso the second female mathematical scientist to ever join the Academy.

We are the CAPDE Millenium Nucleus Center for the Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (from spanish Núcleo Milenio Centro para el Análisis de Ecuaciones en Derivadas Parciales), a joint research group in Mathematics composed by researches from several Chilean universities and institutions.

Our research program is constituted by challenging problems of high current interest in the Partial Diferential Equations (PDE) community.

Its analysis is one of the most active branches of modern mathematics and it focuses on the continuous modeling of complex phenomena in nature. Seemingly simple PDEs hide an incredible richness in the structure of their solution sets. Finding a general theory that describes them may be impossible, given the high complexity of those objects. Natural, often difficult goals are to shed light on qualitative features of the equations and to find families of solutions that enjoy geometrically meaningful patterns.

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