During 2016, the Millennium Nucleus “Center for the Analysis of Equations in Partial Derivatives” (CAPDE), led the exhibition of this work to 4 locations in the Region of Valparaiso.

During the month of October, elementary and middle school students attended the functions of this innovative work, which in addition to entertaining and making their spectators laugh, teaches various mathematical concepts present in our daily lives.

For the Uruguayan mathematician and scriptwriter of the work, Omar Gil, this one talks about the frontiers of the knowledge. “The conjectures are statements that are intuited as true, but of which no one knows its demonstration. The desire to test them and the ever-open but unlikely possibility of finding a refutation, guide the work of mathematicians around the world. ”

During 2016 and through the call made by the Explora CONICYT Valparaíso Program, the work was exhibited as part of the celebration of National Science and Technology Week at the Pedro Aguirre Cultural Center and Museum Near Calle Larga, receiving In this opportunity to more than 100 students; In the Technical University Federico Santa Maria of Valparaiso, counting on near 160 spectators; In the Cultural Center of San Antonio, with more than 170 attendants and in the Cultural Center Gabriela Mistral of Villa Alemana, receiving to 90 students.

As in 2015, the role of the characters was reversed with respect to the original text, so now Ximena is mathematics, instead of his cousin. “We are trying to demonstrate that women also have a talent for science, motivating young students to start their math career,” said Alexander Quaas, UTFSM professor and researcher at the Millennium Nucleus CAPDE.

For her part, the director of the theater company La Coraje, Estefanía Aedo, in charge of “Primos entre Sí”, emphasized that “the theater should open to the whole society, including those who have fewer opportunities to access this artistic discipline”.

The adaptation of the work was supported by the academics of the Department of Mathematics of the UTFSM and researchers from the Millennium Nucleus CAPDE, Salomón Alarcón and Alexander Quaas, together with Omar Gil, who introduced new lines to the script.

The activity was organized and funded by CAPDE NC130017, and was supported by the Millennium Scientific Initiative.