“Primos entre sí”: En julio, ¡matemáticas en el teatro!

The article announces the play “Primos entre sí”, whose director is Estefabía Aedo. She explains that “the theatre is a learning tool for any field. It is an entertaing way to bring knowledge to the audience”.

Radio Duna: Interview to Omar Gil

Omar Gil, screenwriter of “Primos entre sí”, the theater play sponsored by Capde, talks live in radio about the importance of bringing mathematics to the schoolrooms.

Interview to Duvan Henao and Omar Gil

Duvan Henao, Capde researcher, and Omar Gil, mathematician from Universidad de la República in Uruguay, talk in the radio show “Milenio” about the relevance of outreach activities addressed to young people in order to disseminate mathematics. 

Interview to Mónica Musso in Radio Universidad de Chile

Did you know that the first college for women in Chile was firstly opened in 1877? In Europe, the situation was not much different, as we have to wait until 1817 to see this change. You have

Radio UChile. Interview to Manuel del Pino and Juan Dávila

Manuel del Pino and Juan Dávila, Capde researchers, talk live during the program “Milenio”produced by Radio Universidad de Chile, about the ways mathematics can be applied in society and how mathematicians work.